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Tessa Thompson In A Suit! Tessa Thompson In A Suit!

Watch Tessa Thompson in the new trailer for "Men In Black: International."

Watch the trailer for "Men in Black: International" below where…something happens!

Tessa Thompson. Women in suits. The musical discography of Ms. Stacy Ann "Fergie" Ferguson Duhamel. The new trailer for Men in Black: International has it all -- or at least those three things.

The trailer for the film, which dropped Thursday morning, finds Thompson teaming up with Chris Hemsworth to fight a bunch of aliens. It's a bit unclear what actually happens in the movie beyond the teaming up and the fighting. IndieWire says that the film -- the fourth in the Men in Black series and the first not to feature former franchise stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones -- finds Thompson and Hemsworth's agent characters teaming up "to solve a murder mystery that spans the globe."

Beyond that? Hmmmm.

If I had to guess, I'd saaaaaay thaaaaaaaaaat...Thompson's character is haunted by the memory of her father, played by Liam Neeson, who died when she was young and, thus, never told her that he approves of her "unique" "lifestyle" "choices." Frustrated by this lack of closure, she joins a gender-inclusive men's co-working space, hosted in a pallid loft in London, where she meets Chris Hemsworth's character, who tells her, "Hey I'm an ally, suits are for everyone." He takes her to a bespoke masc-of-center suiting company run by an intimidatingly fashionable small business persxn, played by Emma Thompson. Once suited, Thompson's character turns to the others. "Gender!" they all shout in unison, and the credits roll.

Surely, this is the plot of this alien adventure film. What else is there to say? Watch the trailer below.

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