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Move Aside RompHim: These Six Summer Trends are Totally Masculine Too

Move Aside RompHim: These Six Summer Trends are Totally Masculine Too

The RompHim
The RompHim

Try styling your ManShawl with some Mangles & Mandals. 

Last week, in the spirit of continuing to gender clothing, we were introduced to the RompHim--the latest fashion trend to take the Internet by storm. But like most viral content, it's already becoming yesterday's news, so here are six up-and-coming men's fashion trends that are already garnering attention and coddle your fragile masculinity.

The ManShawl (by Eileen FisHIM)

Do you ever yearn for the comfort of natural-fibre cloth and the versatility that your modest H&M scarf just can't offer? Look no further. The ManShawl, designed by Eileen Fisher's new luxury line of men's clothing, Eileen FishHIM, gently wraps itself around the male body like a regular girl shawl, except it casually exposes the clavicle that you work hard to define at Planet Fitness.


I know what you're thinking: men already wear sandals. Yes, but they're still too feminine. Regular sandals expose toes--uncomfortable--for you, and your beer-pong-playing bros. What if your toe nails are neatly clipped? GAY. Mandals are way more man-friendly and even give you a little extra height. They're just bricks with your feet duck-taped to them--great for those summer BBQ's and establishing your heteronormativity when your boyfriend drags you to Kathy Griffin's comedy show.

Men's Statement Necklace

This is just a giant puka shell that drapes down your chest (but not too far down) and is decorated with a bunch of smaller puka shells--pairs nicely with a button-down (but no more than two buttons unbuttoned).


Just because you're a man doesn't mean you can't accessorize. Mangles are bangles for men--great for those occasions that call for a little extra class and elegance. Make sure you pair with some equally elegant cologne to mask the smell of your mangles (the mangles are just onion rings but, hey, at least it's a great manly snack for later).

Strapless Man-Shirt

Enjoy the comfort a tank-top without the nuisance of those pesky straps restraining your shoulders and preventing you from enjoying fluid (for those of you who prefer a more masculine description, simply substitute "fluid" with "lax AF, bro" or "whatever") movement. This summer look is a great addition to your collection of basics, which already include your crew-necks and (not-deep, barely even a "V") v-necks.

Baby Bjorn (Male-Appropriate Name TBA)

Overprotective of your fragile masculinity? Fret no more. This version of the baby bjorn, made especially with the male form in mind, has been redesigned to protect the frail masculinity easily threatened from being exposed to any shred of femininity. Mimicking the form of a small keg, the baby jorn rests comfortably between your chest area and stomach (and available in a slew of camo shades), but still allows that flagrant display of masculinity you so love.

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