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Minimalist Halloween Costume Inspiration Thanks to New York Comic Con

Minimalist Halloween Costume Inspiration Thanks to New York Comic Con

Halloween, New York Comic Con

From convention center to costume party. 

You've known about your best friend's costume party for two weeks and still have another two weeks to find a costume, but you're just going to procrastinate until the night before and use what you have to come up with something uninspired like "suburb dad," or "daytime stripper."

Instead, use what you have to come up with an actual look, and feel free to use some of these cosplays from New York Comic Con as guides.

The Shirtless Wolverine: This one works best if you told people you didn't have time to buy a costume because you couldn't skip a trip to the gym. You might already have a decent pair of combat boots lying around, and camo is back so you might even have the pants, but the abs are crucial to this portrayal of the adamantium-grafted mutant. If you don't think you can pull off the shirtless look, there's always the leather jacket and jeans version. Wolverine

Xerxes: If you're so tall that you find it hard to fit into most generic costumes, choose the easiest way around the problem and don't wear one. Just grab every cheap, gold-colored accessory you can at the Halloween store and pair it with your favorite gold booty shorts from that time you went as sexy C-3PO.


Frank N Furter: Everyone has fishnet stockings and a corset lying around. What separates the true Furters from the impostors is the makeup and theatricality. If you're going to skimp on the costume then pour on the camp and do Transylvanian from The Rocky Horror Picture Show proud. Frank N Furter

A Pikachu looking for a master: It doesn't get much easier (or suggestive) than this. A cheap yellow tank top, your favorite black shorts, and some red cheeks in exchange for a night of winks and innuendo? You're welcome.


The Margarita Guy from Jurassic World: If saw Jurassic World with every other member of civilization over the summer (it was the biggest movie of the year) then you may have seen this guy. After the pterodactyls escape from their giant enclosure, they head to the tourist-heavy part of the island that includes the visitor center, and a Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant. As the dinosaurs descend and start snatching people from the ground panic ensues, and while everyone around him hysterically leaps over tables and chairs, he can't properly flee for his life without double-fisting margaritas.

Jurassic World

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