Face To Face: Ke$ha

Up until a few weeks ago, Ke$ha's (born Kesha Rose Sebert) biggest claim to fame was singing the hook on Flo Rida's "Right Round." Though the song was a huge hit, the spot was uncredited (many people thought it was Ke$ha's buddy Katy Perry) and the 22-year-old singer remained relatively unknown.

But Ke$ha was merely biding her time until she released "Tik Tok," the first single from her debut album Animal (out tomorrow). The song instantly raced up the charts (it currently sits at number one) and she spent the holidays breaking the record for the most downloads by a female artist (she stole the honor from Lady Gaga who achieved the same feat a year ago).

Ke$ha stopped by the Out offices a few weeks ago to chat with us about her meteoric rise to fame, her country-punk influences, her new album, and why being an Animal means doing exactly what -- and who -- you please, be it music or partying, boys or girls:


Stayed tuned to Out.com in the coming weeks for an exclusive photo diary from Ke$ha's travels around the world and pick up Animal in stores or iTunes tomorrow.

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