After Dark

1 A tuxedo is worn after 6 p.m. If youre attending daytime queer nuptials during the day, wear a morning jacket, not a tux.

2 Buttoned collars are a big black-tie no-no. Same goes for pre-tied bow ties. No clip-ons for grown-ups!

3 Invest in sterling silver cuff links, a lint roller, a solid black neck tie in silk or satin (as an alternative to the bow tie), and a black and white scarf for your topcoat.

4 Some say tuxedo shoes are necessary and some say patent leather lace-ups are the way to go. Truth is, both look perfect with a tux.

5 Dont wear a vest or cummerbund with a double-breasted tux, but either is OK with a one or twobutton tux. Cummerbund pleats face up.

6 Wearing an understated watch is fine, but with formal wear, less is really more. Skip the heavy bling.

7 For that chic Cary Grant touch, pop in a white, silk pocket square.

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