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Pop Quiz: The Results!

Below are the questions and answers for the online Pop Quiz. The winner of our prize pack (drawn at random from a selection of people who got all the questions correct) has been notified. So if it wasnt you, thanks for playing! (1) Javier Bardem depicted the life of which gay Cuban writer in the film Before Night Falls? Answer: Reinaldo Arenas (2) Which famous fashion designer designed the costumes for the movie The Fifth Element as well as The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover? (A) Gianni Versace (B) Calvin Klein (C) Neil Barrett (D) Jean Paul Gaultier (E) Donna Karan Answer: (D) Jean Paul Gaultier (3) What year was The Boys in the Band released? Answer: 1970 Bonus: Name all the characters. Answer: Michael, Alan, Harold, Emory, Donald, Hank, Larry, Cowboy, and Bernard (4) Who are the somewhat queer superheroes who sometimes appear on Saturday Night Live? Answer:The Ambiguously Gay Duo (5) What kind of teacher did Kevin Kline play in In & Out? (A) English (B) Science (C) History (D) Math Answer: (A) English (6) On Absolutely Fabulous, whats the name of Edina Monsoons gay son? Answer: Serge (7) Name the regular gay character from these past WB shows:Buffy the Vampire Slayer Answer: Willow Rosenberg Dawsons Creek Answer: Jack McPhee Felicity Answer: Javier Quintata (Note: Many of you thought Ryan Crane, Noels brother, was the gay character on Felicity, but Ryan was not a series regular.) (8) The Birdcage was based on what French film? Answer: La Cage aux Folles(9) What state does out gossip columnist Liz Smith hail from? Answer: Texas (10) Name the last four cities where the Gay Games were held, beginning with the most recent. Answers: Sydney (2002) Amsterdam (1998) New York (1994) Vancouver (1990) (11) What was the name of the group(s) that was (were) a spin-off of ACT UP? (A) Pink Panthers (B) Church Ladies for Choice (C) Queer Nation (D) Gran Fury (E) All of the above (F) None of the above Answer: (E) All the above groups were spin offs of ACT UP. (12) Who originally sang Johnny, Are You Queer? Answer: Josie Cotton (13) What is the Indigo Girls song Galileo about? (A) An art student (B) The medical marijuana movement (C) Reincarnation (D) Animal cruelty Answer: (C) Reincarnation (14) My mother is a gay icon, and I used to work for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Who am I? Answer: Chastity Bono (15) Diana Ross played what jazz chanteuse in a 1972 movie? Answer: Billie Holiday (16) Vampire Chronicles novelist Anne Rice has a gay son. Whats his name? Answer: Christopher Bonus: Name his three best-selling novels. Answers: A Density of Souls, The Snow Garden, and Light Before Day
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