Miss Independence (Day)

The three-day weekend is a great time to unleash yourself a bit from the ties that bind. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Play Nature Boy
Sure, communing with nature is clichd, but, hey, it works. Nothing is better for relaxing your mind and stress-out body parts than taking a walk on the beach or in the woods (or, OK, the mall, if you must!). Get yourself out of the house.

2) Break Up Already
Now is the time. You have had it up to here with his being late, the fact that he never calls you, his rude habits You dont need a man in your life to complete you. (Or a woman, for you ladies!) Its Independence Day. Be independent.

3) Commit Already
The flip side of the above is if you have found that perfect person. Nothing can be more liberating than finally giving in to what you really want: a commitment. If you think its going to be a prison sentence, please refer to number two.

4) Get Some Alone Time
Often during holidays we try to pack a lot in (Pool party! BBQ! Beer bash! July 4th sales!), and we dont take time for ourselves. Set aside a few hours to reador even watch some TV. Its not a holiday if you dont make some time for you.

5) Come Out
Sure, its easy for us to say, we are Out, after all. But there is nothing more liberating than being who you are. At a time when our rights are being challenged, its important that everyone know who we are.

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