Smell Like a Star!

Elizabeth Taylor had White Diamonds. Donald Trump has Trump. Britney Spears has Curious. Even Paris Hilton has Paris Hilton. Is the celebrity fragrance an act of shameless self-promotion or? (Never mind. We really dont have an or here.)

In the spirit of the desire to smell just like our favorite stars, suggests some new eau de clbrits.

Separation by Ellen DeGeneres
Denial by Kevin Spacey
O Britannia by Madonna
Penicillin by Colin Farrell
Obsession & Compulsion by Billy Bob Thornton
Fury by Sir Elton John
Ammonia by Martha Stewart
Memorex by Ashlee Simpson
Rehabilitation by Liza Minnelli
Floatation by Dolly Parton
Transformation by Amanda Lepore
Pout by Angelina Jolie

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