Seven Reasons You Aren�t Feeling So Great After Christmas

Not Using Your Nog-gin
The stuff is loaded with sugar and cream and God-knows-what. But egg nog sure tastes good. Which is why you had 17 glasses.

No, were not calling you names. Except maybe stupid. Didnt you know that fruitcake you ate half of has been passed down through many generations? It was meant to be a doorstop.

Post-Present Depression
Not unlike what new mothers go through, you are quite possibly distraught over having given away every gift that was under your tree.

The Two Front Teeth Syndrome
Meaning, all you wanted was one simple thing: a book, a DVD, a new Mercedes But all you got were sweaters with snowmen on them.

Theory of Relativity
You love your family. Really, you do. But spending more than 24 hours with them is just unnecessary and can have traumatizing effects.

The Christmas Card From Your Credit Card
Its better to give than to receive. But when your American Express bill comes, the saying doesnt have the same sweet ring.

You ate your body weight every single day for a week, and you are dreading facing the StairMaster.

The Traditional Hangover
Yes, Virginia, you drank too much.

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