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'Pose's Angelica Ross Opens Up About Dating Women

Angelica Ross on a red carpet.

Looks like we have another sapphic actress in our midst.

Actress Angelica Ross is opening up with fans about her dating life in the most off-the-cuff way possible.

Ross, who came to national prominence as an actress on the historic FX series Pose, is trying some new things. After being known to date men, the actress and activist is telling the world that she's finding things easier dating women.

"One thing dating a woman has taught me is I really don't need men around as much as I thought," she wrote to Twitter. The star did not reveal who she was seeing.

Simple enough.

In 2021, Ross revealed that she split with her fiance, who she had been with for eight years because he didn't want her to come out as trans. She had often spoken about how, before she started TransTech and went wholeheartedly into acting, she was living a "stealth" life in the suburbs.

"He was Italian, handsome and it would have maybe worked had I chosen to be stealth, live in his shadow, and protect his image of being a straight male in the world or whatever," she said. "The audacity that I had to say that I deserve more and to love myself enough to leave that and bet on myself after years of having to figure it out."

In addition to TransTech, an organization she founded predicated on equipping trans folks for joining the tech industry and appearing in shows like Pose and American Horror Story, Ross founded her own production company Miss Ross Incorporated, under which she has multiple projects in production. She also appears in Framing Agnes, a Sundance award winning film set in 1958.

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