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Don't Miss: Gerard & Kelly’s Timelining at the Guggenheim Museum

gerard & kelly

Pictured: Brennan Gerard | Photography by Zac Spears

The personal and political are important to the artistic (and romantic) duo Gerard & Kelly. Earlier this year, they had an installation at New York City's New Museum that featured a dancer's pole and invited people to engage with it. This summer, the Guggenheim museum in New York City presents Storylines: Contemporary Art, which includes Gerard & Kelly’s Timelining, a piece performed in 2014 at The Kitchen and later acquired by the institution for its growing performance collection. Performances of Timelining — which take place on Monday evenings (5:45 p.m. to 10 p.m.) at the museum through September 7 — features a series of paired performers involved in close relationships: romantic, familial, or otherwise.

According to Gerard & Kelly, they wanted to model a queer relational structure between two people because, for them, “it meant thinking about subjectivity as formed in relation to others, by desire, and always in motion.” They initially began the project as an inquiry into both what binds two people in time and the specific nature of their own relationship. 

A total of 10 pairs of performers will appear — including Lauren Bakst & Parker Gard, Hassan Christopher & Heather McGhee, Lou Forster & Lenio Kaklea, Brennan Gerard & Ryan Kelly, Ishmael Houston-Jones & Yvonne Meier, Emily Petry & Gwen Petry, R.B. Schlather & Adam Weinert, Lissy Vomáčka & Anna Vomáčka — and they represent couples, former romantic partners, close friends, siblings, a parent and child, and a mentor and mentee.

For more information about Storylines visit

gerard & kelly

Pictured: Ryan Kelly (left) and Brennan Gerard

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