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BTS Causes Twitter Meltdown at Billboard Music Awards

K-pop Boy Band BTS Causes a Twitter Meltdown at the Billboard Music Awards

Are you a 14-year-old girl? If not, you may not have heard of South Korean boy band BTS, but they are currently trending on Twitter after arriving on the 2017 Billboard Music Awards red carpet and we can see why: those boys are cute!

The band has an enormous social media following, and are mostly beloved by teen girls around the world. Nominated for Top Social Artist at the awards ceremony, this is probably their biggest international moment to date, and the Internet is definitely paying attention, thanks to their extremely dedicated fan base.

It's no wonder BTS is causing such a social storm—their fans are the most passionate, vocal, Internet-savvy people in the universe: teenage girls. There is no fan like a boy band fan. BTS is the kind of band that teenage girls and little gay boys write slash fan fiction about. And how can you blame them? 

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