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The Escalade’s Precision In Style Resets The Bar For Luxury

Cadillac Escalade precision in style

When you are passionate about distinctive and daring style, there are some truly stunning features of the Cadillac Escalade that set the bar when it comes to the luxury SUV. From the interior's luxury experience to the exterior design, we take a look at the mastery of style and exquisite details that make the Cadillac Escalade iconic.

Fierce exterior design that is iconic
Stunning from the inside out, the Escalade's exterior lines and design accents are not only an impressive sight but they also command real presence. This is how you roll up in style when it's a night out on the town or--even more fun to imagine--arriving at the airport with luggage full of vacation looks.

The exterior color options come in an eye-catching range, with descriptions like Radiant Silver Metallic --if your aesthetic calls for a bright appearance--and Black Raven, if you prefer a classic, sophisticated vibe.


We must also mention the Escalade's advanced-technology lights system that add to the exterior's commanding appearance.

Draped-in-gorgeous-leather interior
When you open the door to the cabin of an Escalade, you step into a self-contained world of opulence. Let's talk about the leather: From the steering wheel all the way back to the third row seats (yes, three rows of seats), the interior is draped in flawless cut-and-sewn leather. The craftsmanship is also apparent in the premium materials chosen with precision for the cabin.


Because to look good is to feel good, your riding comfort is also well tended to, with the front and second row seats equipped with heat controls. And from the driver's seat, you can customize the LCD gauge display appearance by selecting from two sleek visual themes, combining the vehicle data with navigation, entertainment and 3-D images.

All the true marks of a luxury utility vehicle
An accomplishment in sophistication and utility, it's tough to resist the ideal drive that you get from a Cadillac Escalade. When you lead an active and adventurous lifestyle, you certainly understand the levels of comfort and luxury when on the go.


Practical features like abundant storage compartments and innovative integration of technology are a key aspect of the Escalade. In front, the center console is fitted with USB ports and space to hold a tablet or small laptop. In back, you don't need to lift a finger to operate the power liftgate, which is activated by a simple wave of your foot under the rear bumper (with the keyless fob in your pocket) to open and close. Also, the third row of seats easily go to cargo space and back with the press of a button.

The stylish appeal of advanced technology
The technology that you get with an Escalade creates a thoroughly modern experience for the driver as well as passengers. All the innovative features are seamlessly integrated. From keyless access with push button start to Surround Vision that provides an extra set of eyes when in Drive or Reverse, you can easily keep your day's momentum.


And because we know how important it is to stay connected, we'll point out the mobile interface and entertainment systems that blow away any of your expectations. For WIFI, there's an OnStar 4G LTE WIFI hotspot and wireless charging capability. And for incredible sound, the Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound System delivers with 16 speakers.

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