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Pure for Men

Better Bottoming Just Got Easier

Pure for Men better bottoming

We know this: Sex complicates things. We also know sex is complicated. And, even more, anal sex is no average coitus. Physical readiness requires planning, and if there was, in fact, a new product to make bottoming easier, you would want to know about it.

It's true, to plan is to take out some of the spontaneity, but when bottoming is on the menu, you want to be ready. And since being clean when it matters is key for many men, we were paying attention when Youtube personality Davey Wavey posted a video about using Pure as a new way to clean up for bottoming.

So let's talk about the new pill-form supplement that Pure for Men has introduced.

Unlike a number of the dietary fiber supplements available, Pure for Men has created a supplement with a unique combo of ingredients that gives men a new way to prepare for bottoming. A special blend of chia, flaxseed and psyllium husk ingredients are used, and the result is a high-grade, 100% natural fiber that works like a thorough cleansing agent as it moves through your digestive system.

Pure for Men provides much needed fiber to your daily intake, and without adding another thing to consider as you choose what you eat every day. The vegan-friendly capsules come with a recommended daily dosage--take twice a day.

Men who've used Pure are reporting back on their experiences with statements like, "I was skeptical at first when I bought this, not gonna lie. But it really does work as intended."

Other reviews from men who've used Pure confirm that the supplement works, and a number of users mention how using it has changed their sex life. For some, some of the anxiety got lifted from sex: "This product is absolutely worth every penny I have spent in on it. I used to not want to do the dirty with my partner because I didn't always feel clean or comfortable enough. Now that's not a problem!"

Pure for Men is available online at

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