The Out Guide to London


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Embrace your inner Anglophile.

Mon dieu! The English are coming.

It sounds like an oxymoron, but English wine is not only real, it’s good. And many vineyards are making such great strides that they’ve started competing with the French -- and winning. Nyetimber in West Sussex, Camel Valley in Cornwall, and Chapel Down in Kent have all bested the competition recently. In many ways, their success isn’t surprising; southern England has almost identical geology to the Champagne region, and global warming means lower annual rainfall and milder winters. Also, new techniques are more readily adopted in the U.K. than in France. One disadvantage: Production is small, and exports to the U.S. almost non-existent. That may change, but until then, you’ll have to visit Britain to hunt these beauties down.

1. Nyetimber Classic Cuvee
With its own medieval manor, this vineyard produces excellent Blanc de Blancs and this luscious, sparkling rose.

2. Chapel Down Rose Brut
This vineyard is currently sending about 500,000 bottles of its sparkling and white wines into the world each year, including this award-winning gem.

3. Camel Valley Cornwall Brut
Like the dense, green countryside in which the vineyard sits, this bubbly is lush and fruity. Founded by former Royal Air Force pilot Bob Lindo, the estate also offers two stone-built cottages for guest stays.

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