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First-Ever LGBTQ+ Retirement Community to Open in London

“We are making history today, realizing a long-held dream to provide a safe place for older LGBT+ people to live well, in a community where they can be themselves and enjoy their later life,” 

Philip Normal Is the UK’s First Mayor Living with HIV, Openly

The local fashion designer and shopkeeper also made his own mayoral chains and they are fabulous.

Sam Smith Finally Addresses Rumors About Doing Poppers In a Club

Sometimes you've just got to confront the tabloids head on.

British Parliament Will Be Lit in Rainbows for London Pride

The Palace of Westminster's colorful lights symbolize support for the LGBTQ community.

Gallery: The 'Ladyboi Hairsculptors' of Tuttii Fruittii London

Behind the nonbinary salon in southeast London’s Deptford neighborhood. 

The 'Ladyboi Hairsculptors' of Tuttii Fruittii London

"It's totally about expression, dressing up, creating some characters, becoming shape-shifters."

Charlie Hides’ ‘The Dame’ Video is the New British Invasion

She’s a jet setting bitch who matches her Gucci luggage to her colostomy bag.

5 Queer Art Exhibitions to See This Spring in London

From the work of David Hockney to the collection of Elton John, a broad range of queer subjects are showing up in the London art scene.

How a London Neighborhood Kept a Legendary Gay Pub from Sinking

“The pub was a place for everyone in the community to come together. Elsewhere, it might have been a problem, but not here in the East End."

Ab Fab at London Pride, Sweetie Darling (Photos)

Eddie and Patsy would never miss an opportunity to PR their new movie, Absolutely Fabulous. What better place than London Pride?

Must-Know: 4 Stylish Members-Only Clubs

A new breed of members-only clubs deliver the posh without privileged palaver.

Conservative British MP Defends Popper Use in Parliamentary Debate

In a crackdown on recreational drug use, the British government has proposed banning poppers. 

Watch: British Parliament Debates Banning 'Bonkers' Republican Candidate, Donald Trump

After more than half a million people signed a petition to ban Trump from entering the UK, the government took up the issue—and it was quite colorful. 

WATCH: Straight Man Asks 100 Men for Their Numbers

A baker's dozen out of 100 isn't so bad.

London Introduces Rainbow Train and Bridge

London just got a taste of the rainbow.

A London Food Tour Cures What Ails You

Breaking off from the gay path in London's East End.

The Out Guide to London

Embrace your inner Anglophile.