A Perfect Day: Big Freedia's New Orleans


By Out.com Editors

The Nola native, and pioneer of bounce, shares where she likes to play in the city

Photography by Giancarlo Dagostaro

To paint a picture of modern New Orleans without including the bounce scene would not only be a grave injustice, but grounds for the snappiest of disses from its unhinged, reigning queen bee, Big Freedia (fittingly pronounced “FREE-duh”). The 6-foot-2 NOLA native helped push queer bounce performers to the forefront in the late 1990s, and she’s now considered a pioneer of the bassy, boisterous, booty-popping call-and-response movement, which draws upon riotous Mardi Gras Indian chants and samples of early New York City hip-hop. Long before Busta Rhymes was telling us to “twerk it,” Big Freedia was living, breathing, and running this town. Here’s where she likes to play.