A Perfect Day: Brittney Griner's Phoenix


By Out Contributor

Where you'll find the WNBA star when she's off the court

Pictured Brittney Griner | Photo by Danielle Levitt

Brittney Griner may seem a bit young to have already written a memoir, but at 23, the 6-foot-8 Phoenix Mercury starting center and author of this year’s In My Skin has already accomplished more than most people twice her age. She was the WNBA’s number 1 draft pick in 2013, she’s the first woman who’s slam-dunked twice in a single game during her rookie season, and last spring she became Nike’s first out endorsee. Recently deemed “the most transformative figure in the history of women’s basketball” by Sports Illustrated, Griner also spearheaded BG:BU, an antibullying mobile app that allows its young users to share their art and photos and find supportive resources around the world. Though she was born in Texas, Griner now calls Phoenix home. Here, where you’ll find her when she’s off the court.