Hot List 2013: I'm So Excited!


By Jason Farago

Pedro Almodóvar returns with his most outrageous film in decades.

Almodóvar on...


He could become the king of romantic comedy and of The Hangover -- the kind of comedy packed with excess. I foresee a great future for him in both genres. Those eyelids at half-mast and his laidback attitude go very well with characters who are charming, absent-minded, blunderers, loafers, and buddies. Without false modesty, I think that I’m So Excited! will broaden his work horizon. He isn’t excessively handsome, but girls like him -- they fall for that slightly cross-eyed smile. In the super-gay choreography of I’m So Excited! he exudes charm and salaciousness. An actor with a wide register, I see him, like Miguel Ángel Silvestre, reviving the best Italian comedy of the ’60s. I’d love to direct him in a drama as the kind of sweet psychopath that Javier Cámara played so well in Talk to Her (forgive the self-reference). And I would really struggle between Javier and Raúl if Hollywood calls me to direct the remake of The Apartment by Billy Wilder.