Show Us Your Festive Pets

We asked that you send us your pets during the holidays, here are some of the cute and cuddlies

By Editors

Homotional Rescue: Matt Wilkas & Jack Ferver

The animals are the stars in this video, but the actors are pretty damn adorable too

By Zack Rosen

WATCH: Rescue Cats Audition for 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

The latest 'Homotional Rescue' video follows a few special kitties as they strive for stardom

By Zack Rosen

Homotional Rescue: CATS ROCK

Laura Petracca, of queer superstar band Hunter Valentine, on why she fosters cats in her free time

By Zack Rosen

Homotional Rescue: With Mike Ruiz

The photographer, and pit bull lover, tears up when visiting the BARC animal shelter

By Zack Rosen

Homotional Rescue: Tim Kubart

The front man of Tim and the Space Cadets works his 'Superhero' anthem into an ode to rescue animals

By Zack Rosen

Homotional Rescue: Neon Hitch and a Dog Named Brooklyn

The British singer-songwriter is featured in the first in the video series

By Editors

The OUT Guide to Dogs

The (lap) dog of luxury.

By Editors

Power Pooches

From greyhounds to rottweilers, man's best friend is one status symbol that shows some heart.

By Rebekah Buchanan

Doggie Bag Not Required

Fine dining no longer means leaving your best friend at home.

By Max Berlinger