The OUT Guide to Dogs


By Editors

The (lap) dog of luxury.

Pet Sounds
Sure, you might dig these songs that name-check animals, but what do your furry friends think? Here, our expert panel of pets assess 10 tracks based on their pet-friendliness.

1. Elton John, “Honky Cat”
“That funky brass! Those plinking piano keys! That feline wailing! Purrrrrrfection.”

2. David Bowie, “Diamond Dogs”
“I can’t wrap my claws around the concept, but I could chase my tail to this shit for days.”

3. The Cure, “Lovecats”
“It’s as slinky and loose as me in heat. Two paws up.”

4. Deee-Lite, “Pussycat Meow”
“Sigh. Oh, for the days when I used to get really messed up on catnip and wake up two days later in the litter box with my wig still on.”

5. Pet Shop Boys, “I Want a Dog”
“This rocks. Though I’m obviously biased when it comes to (dog) house.”

6. The Magnetic Fields, “Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits”
“Screw this guy. As if we just spend our days getting drunk and having sex. Can we just retire that metaphor already?”

7. Tom Jones,  “What’s New Pussycat?”
“What’s new? Nothing, you idiot. I’ve been lying on the windowsill all day. And what’s new about that tacky suit?”

8. DMX, “Get At Me Dog”
“Woof. Dude needs to leave the barking to the professionals.”

9. Scissor Sisters, “Skin this Cat”
“Disco revivalism? Absolutely fabulous! Catricide? Absolutely not.”

10. Baha Men, “Who Let the Dogs Out?”
“I wouldn’t touch this music with a 10-foot pooper scooper.”

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