Terry Richardson Had the Best Week Ever


By Out.com Editors

Per his online photo journal, he spent the April 10th with two hot, naked models and April 12th with one hot, naked Amanda Lepore.

Oh, to be Terry Richardson. Taking photographs of celebrities, beautiful models, and any other thing that catches your eye. Must be a nice life. For example, this week, while we were chained to our computers, eyes glazed, answering emails and taking care of other office-y to-dos, Richardson spent Tuesday with two ripped, hot male models—whom he stripped down and had pose suggestively—and then spent Thursday with Amanda Lepore—whome he stripped down and had pose suggestively. We're undecided as to which we session we would rather be at. Three words: Luckiest. Guy. Ever. 


Courtesy of Terry Richradson's Diary

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