Catching Up With Danielle Staub


By Gregory Miller

Of all the drama at the reunion, what was the most unnerving for you?
I would say positively the most upsetting is when Caroline spoke of my children. She can pretend that she's fooling everybody, but I have people that love me that can't stand her. I want her to know, point-blank, my friends and my family and my fans -- she just lost a lot her fans when she talked about my children. My children are beautiful, intelligent, enlightened -- and you know what? Their father doesn't seem to think that they have no light in their eyes. He doesn't have any problems with me. I defy Caroline Manzo to find more light in any of the other [women in the] cast's children. And I defy her also to ever prove that she knows anything truly about me and my kids or me as a mother. They only know what they have investigated. They should look into their own lives and leave mine alone.

But did you try to get Dina's kids taken away from her?
No, I don't even know her daughter's last name. I do know that Dina did a whole article devoted to trying to make the world believe that I did that, but Dina's not doing the show because she forged a legal document with her ex-husband's name on it, giving her daughter permission to do season 1. And when her ex-husband found out about it, he forbade her to do season 2, leaving Dina with nobody in her immediate family -- her daughter or her husband, who never taped with her once -- to do anything with her. So she left the show because she was too embarrassed to say that she forged a legal document. I had to have my ex-husband sign for my children. She didn't do that. But again, Dina lies, and everybody swears by it. Dina is more fake than the whole lot of them. It's just that she's the baby of the family, so Caroline's going to keep backing her up. I am truly the only gay advocate. And I'll tell you one thing, none of them can prove to me they've walked one foot in any Pride. Where I have walked, continuously over the years, a total this past year of eleven miles. In stilettos. To support and lift up, and be there, and hug and embrace my gay community. And I will continue to do that. I speak for equality, and I always have.

Well, we appreciate it. On the gay note, why are you being so coy about your alleged relationship with Lori Michaels?
You know, anyone can see -- Helen Keller can see -- what Lori and I are to each other. I don't feel it's necessary for me to have to confirm it or deny it. I'm just living my life. I'm a public figure, and it doesn't mean that people have to get inside of that right now. When I'm ready to talk about it, it will be my decision. I'm not going to be forced because I'm a public figure to speak about my private life any further. When I'm ready, how about I come to you and let you know?

That sounds good.
But in the interim, keep listening to our song 'Real Close.' And look out for my next song, which is coming out the end of September. It will be released digitally, as well. It's called 'Cry,' and it's going to be attached to one of my charities that I'm most passionate about that's stopping domestic violence. It has been recorded already. It was written by Lori Michaels, as well. I recorded it as a solo, and we have two more songs being released within the next six weeks. So I will be very excited to hear feedback from everyone. And if you really want to get to know me, please pick up my book, The Naked Truth. It is my memoir, and it is my story. It is very raw and up front and personal.

Is there any truth to the rumors that you've been fired from The Real Housewives and may be getting your own spin-off?
I can't at this time elaborate, but I am entertaining other networks and other production companies right now and they are entertaining me, actually, with offers. So I'm keeping my options open, and I'm just trying to survive [the aftermath of] the final part of the reunion. So God help me [laughs].

Danielle Staub will be guest bartending September 14 at Boxers NYC, 37 West 20th St., New York City.

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