Billy Eichner Quizzes Olivia Wilde on Her Knowledge of Pepé Le Pew


By Stacy Lambe

The cartoon skunk and John Mayer sound awfully similar

Billy Eichner is no stranger to quizzing celebrities on the street. In this week's episode of Billy on the Street, the host invites Olivia Wilde to play a game of "John Mayer or Pepé Le Pew?" In the clip, Wilde is challenged to decifer whether each quote was said by a cartoon skunk or that guy who thinks your body is a wonderland.

We'll have to admit, we were pretty impressed with Wilde's results. And so was Eichner, that's why he rewarded her with the best (fake) prize ever. 

In case you missed it, this has probably been the funniest season yet, with Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler, Neil Patrick Harris, and Lindsay Lohan all stopping by to get in on the action. 

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