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Emmy Awards Fashion Roundup

Ryan Seacrest & Rainn Wilson

Ryan Seacrest looks fine as usual, but I think his tie is a little
too skinny for the wide lapels on the jacket. As for Rainn Wilson (of
The Office),his lapels are too little for his size and his tacky tie
should, well...be black (it is a black tie event).

Justin Chambers (Grey's Anatomy)

Justin Chambers sported a skinny lapel, skinny tie, schoolboy collar combo.

John Legend

Mr. Legend looked quite handsome and comfortable in this photo. I'm
not sure how I feel about the the stitch detail on his lapels, but it
could just be the camera flash making it stand out.

Neil Patrick Harris and boyfriend David Burtka.

I dig Neil's all-black ensemble but for big televised moments like
these, I kinda wish they wore matching tuxedos just to make a point.


Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes.

He just looks delicious here, so I had to include his photo.

Masi Oka and Zach Quinto from Heroes.

Zach looks great here. I dig the twist on the creative black tie
with his gray suit and his gigantic black-rimmed glasses. He's got more
style than most of the guys at the Awards.

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