There's Something About Harry


By Michael Martin

Forty years of Blondie

What would she have told herself four decades ago? “Buy stock in Google!” she says. “And get good legal advice. There wasn’t very good legal advice then. I wish I had been more tutored or informed in business. That probably would have helped a little bit.”

Always refreshingly no-bullshit about plastic surgery and Botox — “I’ve done everything and will continue to do everything,” she has said — Harry now works out regularly with a personal trainer: “You have to be consistent,” she says. “And then you can just — go!” she makes a takeoff motion with her forearm.

Her rock ’n’ roll indulgences are few; booze is basically verboten. “I’m not a successful drinker,” she says. “I don’t have any capacity for alcohol. I enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine, but I’m happy with just one. Occasionally I smoke, which is probably a really big no-no. But I’ll have a glass of wine at the after-show, a few puffs of a cigarette. It’s sort of my calm-down ritual.”

This year, the band will begin a tour that will take them around the world. As for any other plans: “I think a world tour is enough, don’t you?” she says with a laugh.

Harry then dispatches some falsehoods swirling around the band: Blondie’s end is not imminent, and this is not, contrary to reports, their farewell tour. “I think Clem [Burke, the drummer] said something to a paper and it went on from there,” she says. A long-rumored Blondie movie is still just a rumor, although she’s keen for it to happen — “We’d better get on with making it, before we forget what the fuck we did,” she says, laughing again — and she is supposed to write her autobiography as well, but she’s putting it off.

She comes across as someone who is hellbent on pushing forward, just like Blondie did at their commercial peak, and as she gets up to shake my hand goodbye, Harry flashes a very “Heart of Glass”–video smile. Just like that, 40 years seems a very short span indeed.


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