A Blondie’s Dozen


By Jason Lamphier

Assembling the definitive Blondie playlist is next to impossible (Parallel Lines, alone, is damn near flawless), but if you’re looking for some of the finest, most thrilling moments of Debbie and Co.’s 40-year career, start here.

“X Offender” (from Blondie, 1976) 

The tale of a hooker who falls for the cop who books her, the band’s very first single (originally titled “Sex Offender”) is a jingly update of 1960s girl group pop—if all the girls were sluts.

“Rip Her to Shreds” (from Blondie, 1976)

A decade before anyone began “throwing shade,” Harry was trash-talking some boring scene queen with bad shoes and a crappy nose job. We don’t know her, but we know her.

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