A Year in Queer Aggro


By Kory Grow

Be they spooky, sludgy, doomy, or grindy, these riled-up albums came crashing into our skulls like a holiday party hangover. But which is for you?

GAYTHEIST, Stealth Beats (Good to Die Records)

The Gist: Thanks to crunchy, bass-heavy production and frontman Jason Rivera’s soaring wails, Gaytheist split the difference between the Dead Kennedys and Fugazi.

Best Track: “Hand Holder”

What’s Your Listening Mood? Hopeless, really. Imagine it’s the end of the world and, as Gaytheist’s Jason Rivera explains, you’re one of two humans who were cryogenically frozen with hopes of repopulating the earth. “The two last humans are a gay man and a gay woman. They’re like, ‘Fuck this,’ and they just hold hands and jump off a cliff.”

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