The 25 Songs of Summer


By Editors

Whether you're looking for steamy encounters or laidback fun, here's your playlist for the months ahead.

1. 2:54: Sugar
This year’s breakthrough British indie act -- comprised of sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow -- is releasing its self-titled debut album just in time for summer in the States. This hypnotic, PJ Harvey–influenced song is the standout.

A bass-heavy electro banger from the American Idol’s sophomore effort -- with its “gonna party till they take us away” chorus -- promises to be exactly what shirtless guys who pump their fists in the air sounds like this summer.

3. BEACH HOUSE: The Hours
Opening on frontwoman Victoria Legrand’s vertiginous, shoegazey siren calls and diving into deep, propulsive guitar pumps, this track may be the dream-pop arbiter’s closest thing to a forceful, yet still spacey, call to arms. It deserves to be blasted.

4. BEST COAST: The Only Place
Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino is practically the poster girl for the season, with a catalog full of songs about sunshine, beaches, and weed-fueled adventures. Her latest single, “The Only Place,” from her new album of the same name, is a jangly ode to California.

5. DIRTY PROJECTORS: Gun Has No Trigger
The Brooklyn-based group might not be dance floor mainstays -- even though Solange Knowles covered their “Stillness Is the Move” -- but this jazzy cut from their upcoming Swing Lo Magellan will surely score backyard romances from Silver Lake to Bushwick.

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