Catching Up With Tori Amos


By Noah Michelson

What do you do when you you're not being "Tori Amos the musician"? Are you on P.T.A. for Tash's school? Do you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey?
I actually sat with Tash at Easter and watched The Real Housewives of New York from the beginning. She said, "Mom, you're going to get addicted!" I sat there eating popcorn watching the whole thing -- I couldn't believe it -- from early morning until late at night. My sister was flying in and we were waiting for her to show up and it wasn't a great day outside and so we watched an entire season! It was crazy! But I couldn't watch it ever again. I said, "I can't do this, Tash -- I'll never work again!" I have a musical to get together. But I do work a lot, I won't lie to you. I'm not on the P.T.A. -- Mark handles everything at the school. She's in a British school, so he deals with all things British -- which is good.

What's the deal with Kate Borkowski? There are rumors going around that you are her mentor, and there are rumors going around that you've never even heard of her.
Hmmmm. Is she a writer?

She's a musician who recorded some of her new album with Marcel van Limbeek [Amos's longtime mixing engineer] -- some of it on the piano in the Martian Recording Studio in Cornwall, which I know is available to be rented by the public and you have nothing to do with that. But she's written a song about you and her interest in you and the way she mimics your mannerisms in her interviews is obsessive -- to put it mildly.
I don't know her. I know that Marcel worked with her.

But you're not mentoring her?
No! I'd be shocked if she played on one of the pianos in Cornwall. Hold on a second, let me ask Mark about this. [Amos puts down phone and returns after several seconds]. Apparently she played one of the B'sendorfers in Cornwall, but that's news to me. The crew has a lot of projects they work on when I'm not around. That album was just something Marcel did when we were off traveling somewhere else.

Your dad is now releasing music, too.
Apparently so! [Laughs] I know about Ed Amos's song' um' um'

"Hello Mr. Dollar!"
Yes! He's always had a point of view. He's a very motivational preacher. I feel like this an extension of his preaching.

It feels like that.
I said, "I'd be careful about using the word 'musician,' dad, because there are people who are 83 years old that have been playing their instruments for 80 years. But to call yourself a poet? That's fair and respectful."

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