Paul Taylor Dance Company Moves to Lincoln Center, Celebrates Half a Century of Work


By Jerry Portwood

The company celebrates the 50th anniversary of Taylor's landmark dance 'Aureole'

Alan Cumming is the MC of the March 15 gala

Dates below, to purchase tickets, click here.

Tuesday, March 13, 7pm:  Aureole, Troilus and Cressida (reduced), Brandenburgs, Piazzolla Caldera

Wednesday, March 14, 7pm: Cloven Kingdom, The Uncommitted*, Beloved Renegade

Thursday, March 15, 7pm: Mercuric Tidings, The Uncommitted*, Aureole

Friday, March 16, 8pm: Brandenburgs, Gossamer Gallants*, Piazzolla Caldera

Saturday, March 17, 3pm: Roses, Gossamer Gallants*, Promethean Fire

Saturday, March 17, 8pm: Cloven Kingdom, Big Bertha, House of Joy*, Beloved Renegade

Sunday, March 18, 3pm: Mercuric Tidings, Big Bertha, House of Joy*, Company B

Tuesday, March 20, 7pm: Oh, You Kid!, Beloved Renegade, Brandenburgs

Wednesday, March 21, 7pm: Junction, 3 Epitaphs, House of Cards, Mercuric Tidings

Thursday, March 22, 7pm: Syzygy, Three Dubious Memories, Piazzolla Caldera

Friday, March 23, 8pm: Arabesque, Big Bertha, House of Joy*, Syzygy

Saturday, March 24, 3pm: Arabesque, Three Dubious Memories, Cloven Kingdom

Saturday, March 24, 8pm: Roses, The Uncommitted*, Esplanade

Sunday, March 25, 3pm: Aureole, Troilus and Cressida (reduced), Gossamer Gallants*, Syzygy

Tuesday, March 27, 7pm: Company B, Gossamer Gallants*, Promethean Fire

Wednesday, March 28, 7pm: Syzygy, The Uncommitted*, Esplanade

Thursday, March 29, 7pm: Aureole, Troilus and Cressida (reduced), Beloved Renegade, Promethean Fire

Friday, March 30, 8pm: Junction, 3 Epitaphs, The Uncommitted*, Promethean Fire

Saturday, March 31, 3pm: Oh, You Kid!, Big Bertha, House of Joy*, Esplanade

Saturday, March 31, 8pm: House of Cards, Gossamer Gallants*, Brandenburgs

Sunday, April 1, 3pm: Cloven Kingdom, Big Bertha, House of Joy*, Piazzolla Caldera

*New York Premiere