Ready To Reinvent Love


By Shana Naomi Krochmal

The most popular items at your merch booth seem to be a t-shirt and bag that say 'Reinvent Love,' which is such a strong, inclusive message. Tell me about how that became the band slogan.
It started out as a lyric in 'Mad as Rabbits.' It was the last song we were recording for the album, and as we figured out how to fit it into the end of the song, it took on some more anthem-style cheer. As we went on tour, me and Ryan [Ross, Panic's guitarist] talked about making a 'Reinvent Love' shirt. At first it was just going to be on the Fueled By Ramen web store, just a limited edition thing because it didn't have our band name on the front, and we didn't know how many people would want to wear that. It ended up being a lot more popular than we thought it would. We were ending all of the concerts with that song, so that was the last thing that people were hearing. We wouldn't want to be a part of anything that wasn't that kind of that message. If there's going to be some saying associated with our band, that's a pretty good one. It goes along with everything we want to represent and the way that we feel.

What's your favorite memory from this tour that's not anywhere in the live DVD?
There was a really good vibe among all the bands. We'd already toured with the Hush Sound and Motion City Soundtrack. We hadn't toured with Phantom Planet, but we instantly got along with those guys. It was a really musical environment where every band was working on songs, even though everybody had just put out records. That kind of camaraderie we'd never been a part of, and it was something we really missed when the tour was over.

The band seems extremely natural and comfortable in the documentary on the DVD.
That definitely has to do with the fact that our friend Shane filmed it. He's Brendon's roommate [now] but we met him a couple years ago, when Atlantic hired him to film us getting ready for one of the tours off our first album. We ended up becoming really good friends and [he came along] when we went into the studio and then went on tour. It was awesome, because there was no weirdness whatsoever. At the same time, being so comfortable, then you're like, Man, what did I even say today? I hope he didn't get something that I shouldn't have been talking about. You're kind of paranoid when you're [usually] around cameras from MTV, always watching what you're saying.

You performed with Snoop Dogg on FNMTV. On a scale of one to Snoop Dogg, how stoned were you for that entire tour?
Well' I don't know. I mean, the thing is that' There's just so much down time! And then you're sitting there, and it's like three in the afternoon, and you're already tired because, you know, you smoked a couple joints. And you get that paranoid feeling that you're that burnout guy in high school, and you kind of forget that you're even in a band, and start imagining what you'd be doing if you're not on a tour bus. Like, God, I'd be the guy in the one-bedroom apartment who's just getting fucked up every day. But then that kind of steers you back to -- I think it was Snoop Dogg that said you can't smoke every day. So I would say probably halfway between one and Snoop Dogg.