Go Funk Yourself


By Japhy Grant

And now you've released your first new album, on your own label. How would you describe it?
It comes from a soulful place. It comes from a place of passion. I definitely wanted to do a soul record. There's a bit of rock, too, though not so raw and gritty as some of my old stuff. I'm really comfortable with mixing styles.

It seemed to have a lot of hip-hop influence. Are you a fan? Who do you listen to?
Oh, definitely. When I was younger, especially. I like Public Enemy, Run DMC, Jay-Z. I really love Kanye West.

It seems like there are a lot of neo-soul folks out there now, like Robin Thicke and Amy Winehouse. Do you think there's any chance of a neo-soul Lollapalooza?
I've written with Robin Thicke. I'm not sure it's a movement. The collective conscious of the world is starting to feel like it needs this music. It needs to get out there and it needs to be heard -- and then it won't be seen just as this niche thing anymore. I don't think we all have to be under one umbrella for it to be felt.

What do you think of California's Proposition 8?
I think it's retarded. People should be able to do what they want. It's infuriating to me. Who cares? Let people love each other. It's just some religious bullshit masked as government.

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