Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Friday, August 22: Hamlet 2 doesn't so much create an afterlife for the Danish prince of Shakespeare's famous drama. It mainly lampoons flamboyant theater types trying to put on a big show that no one really wants to see or be in. Steve Coogan, an Out favorite, shines as the hilarious director of this monstrosity at a New Mexico high school trying to revive his dying theater program. Some big names support: Catherine Keener, Elizabeth Shue, and Amy Poehler, for example. Watch the trailer here. Not enough laughs? Try The House Bunny instead, in which indie darling Ana Faris takes a step away from the Scary Movie franchise and produces her first flick, naturally, about an aging (27, to be exact) Playboy bunny making herself useful as a House mother for a bankrupt sorority. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself how she did.

Saturday, August 23: Chicagoans are in luck. Making only a few stops on their tour, 5 Funny Females are not only playing at the Lakeshore Theater, they've recruited 5 Funny Fags to join them tonight for a team comedy effort that boasts a hilarious lineup of 10 comedians to keep your pants wet. The host is Susan Alexander, but you may recognize some of these funny (wo)men from Here! networks, VH1, or NBC's Last Comic Standing. Get your tickets now.

Sunday, August 24: There's no question Los Angeles is gay. With West Hollywood and the movie industry, the sprawling car city is crawling with homos. With 300-plus pages of stories ranging from heartbreak to first loves, the personal to the political, and from the bathhouse to the courtroom, over 20 writers bring their story to the volume Love, West Hollywood: Reflections of Los Angeles. Read them randomly, read them in order, read them when you move to L.A. Not in the mood for serious fare? You can find out everything you need to know, and maybe more than you wanted, about a certain legendary super-fey NBC sitcom with The Q Guide to Will & Grace, out now.