Five Questions for Donna Summer


By Editors

1. Who's your childhood crush?
Sluggo. At 6 years old we were inseparable sandbox lovers. I thought he was strong and walked with a swagger.

2. What's your most regretted fashion choice?
A pair of green balloon pants I once wore on a TV show. I thought I looked hot and fashionable until later when I saw myself. That's the reason I don't like to watch myself on TV to this day.

3. Who will play you in the film version of your life story?
Kate Hepburn. I always wanted to be her. Perhaps in her lifetime she wondered, Could I play a disco queen?

4. What's the perfect song to have sex to?
'I've Got So Much to Give' -- a Barry White song works well in every room of the house.

5. What's the most overrated virtue?
Patience -- because you have to wait to get it.

Summer's new album, Crayons, is available now.

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