The Gay Agenda


By Bill Chenevert

FLICK: It's about time the Wachowski brothers gave us something good. Three years after V for Vendetta, they unleash Speed Racer (out May 9), the cinematic version of the Tatsuo Yoshida-drawn anime turned American cartoon classic. Dreamy Emile Hirsch (above) resurfaces after the success of Into The Wild to portray Speed, while Christina Ricci sports a fabulous, future-friendly bob as his supportive girlfriend, Trixie. Loyal to his family, Speed turns down the maniacal Royalton Industries owner's offer to race for his team and then struggles through sabotage to cross the finish line first. Bonus: Matthew Fox and Scott Porter make eye-pleasing appearances too. See the trailer here.

LAUGHS: Kathy Griffin is downright unstoppable. She just nabbed a GLAAD award for Outstanding Reality Program, will soon grace our TV screens again with the premiere of the fourth season of Bravo's Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, and she's still touring! This season she's hellbent on winning a Grammy because an Emmy just isn't enough. Perhaps she'll perfect her routine for a comedy album as she tours America now, delighting with her signature storytelling, dish, and foul language. Get tickets for her double spots in San Diego and Reno, May 9 and 10 respectively, here.