The Kids Aren't All Right


By Charlie Ortiz

"We like dick jokes,' says Darren Trumeter, a quirky 28-year-old cast member of The Whitest Kids U' Know, now beginning its second season on IFC. 'It's funny to us; it makes us laugh.' When the sketch comedy show airs February 10, fans and first-timers alike can expect more of Trumeter and his troupe's irreverent, raunchy humor.

Delivering penis punch lines and dressing in drag, the Kids take on racism, drug use, office politics, history, and conspiracy theories with an innocence and candor reminiscent of The Kids in the Hall. 'We blew our load the first season with a lot of dumb jokes,' cocreator and director Zach Cregger points out. Determined to up the ante, the hetero comedians have included more phallus-minded material and gender-bending.

Trumeter hints, 'We heard that boys were kind of disturbed after seeing me dress in drag 'cause they thought I looked good like a girl. Ever since we heard that, we've really pushed the drag for season 2.' Equally saucy is Trevor Moore's off-the-wall songwriting: 'Totally Gay for America,' an ode to lovemaking with Uncle Sam, includes the lines 'Trace the curves of his thighs / And look into his eyes / And see if he wants to go hit the hay.'

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