A Rosie by any other name...


By Michael Musto

Yes, I instantly delete. Have you ever been in a gay bathhouse?

No, but I've been in other places. I've been to [Latin tranny haven] Escuelita. John Leguizamo took me there for the first time, and I was dying. Remember Lady Catiria? She'd do 'My Way' and take off all her clothes except her G-string and the tears would run down her face. I saw her show four times.

The Ritz seems an easy fit for you. But has the scope of your talent been fully realized?

The three top people who've recognized it are the ones I've done my best work with -- George C. Wolfe, Joe Mantello, and Peter Weir. Those three didn't view me as one-dimensional. Peter Weir was from fucking Australia. He never heard of me. At my audition for Fearless, they said, 'He's not familiar with your work.' I said, 'Yes! I've got this one in the bag!' But I got so nervous I had Montezuma's revenge -- and the embarrassment and shyness all came flooding out and that's how I got the part.

Before that, I read that you choreographed In Living Color. Did you work with the immortal J. Lo?

I'm the one that hired her, even though she tells everyone Keenan [Ivory Wayans] was. He didn't want her because she was overweight and didn't dance that well, but I said, 'She has star quality.' He said, 'Your job depends on it.' And I thought, Oh, shit.

Well, you turned out to be right on target.

I didn't get fired.

By the way, there's a porn star, Ryan Idol, in The Ritz.

I just found out! I said, 'Joe, it's so scandalous. Watch the porno guy get more press than anyone.' Do you know him?

Um, yes. He mysteriously fell out a window some years ago. I need you to find out why.

I'll get the dirt!