Five Questions (and then Some) For Michael Lucas


By Editors

Who was your childhood crush?
A French actor not known in the United States named Alain Delon

What is the fashion choice you most regret?
Anything I was wearing up to the age of 24.

Who will play you in the film version of your life story?
I never thought about it. I don't care.

The perfect song to have sex to is:
I don't like music or any background music when I have sex. I like it to be quiet, and I like it when my partner is verbal, and I like to talk myself, but no music. It irritates me tremendously.

My vision of hell is::
I'm atheist so I don't believe in hell. I see hell sometimes in my dreams and that's living back in Russia and losing my American passport.

[Fill in the blank] When I'm most stressed out I __________________
Take Klonopin.

What do you hide when your sister comes over?
Jesus Christ, did you come up with these? I have nothing to hide.