The Ghosts in Her Machine


By Aaron Hicklin

Your relationships do seem to have had a powerful influence on you?

Yeah, well, I feel things really strongly. All my relationships have been very intense in all kinds of ways, and obviously I've drawn from that. At the end of the day, when all's said and done I do want to be a loving person, that's the ultimate thing that all human beings can be -- a respectful, loving person.. It's just never been that simple.

Does God exist?

It depends who's using the word God and how they're using it. 'God' is a term to describe the universal life force and its manifestation in all its life forms, which is highly mysterious, and some organized religions have come up with some books that are supposed to explain it all to us. The only trouble is, when I see how they behave I don't see much love, compassion, or respect. And so those dogmas concern me, because they deal with an us versus them, and I think God is surely inclusive of all things, because that is the Creation after all.

Do you communicate with fans on Myspace.

Yes! I have a little forum going on, I love it. It's marvelous, because there's no middle man. Through MySpace, if I want to send a statement or a blog, it's direct, it's for me, and there's no censorship, or even an editor, it's just me.

In an interview in The Face in 1985 you said, 'If I disappear tomorrow, not many people would remember me.' That's obviously not an option any longer, but how would you like to be remembered?


How long will we have to wait for the next Annie Lennox album?

Now that I've created this album I'd like to be more forthcoming with my musical output, definitely. The future is interesting, because my dream is that 'Sing' is a kind of brand name of a project that can go on in partnerships with other female artists to raise awareness and hopefully financial benefits too, for grassroots projects.