By Out.com Editors

Over the course of an hour, about a dozen young people interrupt our conversation seeking autographs from Trojovsky, and he obliges them. But while his star clearly hasn't faded, his career hasn't taken off either. He is enrolled in acting school and says he lives modestly with a roommate. Last Christmas he directed a children's play. And Czech society, socially liberal but painfully repressed, has pretty much decided to forget the incident.

Prague is a double capital city: It is simultaneously the much-visited Gothic and baroque metropolis that is the seat of government of a formerly communist country in central Europe and also an epicenter of the multibillion-dollar worldwide gay porn industry. Industry sources estimate that a new gay porn film is made in the Czech Republic every two to three days.

In the heady postcommunist euphoria of the 1990s, while the grime was being scraped from Prague's architectural treasures, the gay porn industry took root here, largely unnoticed and only lightly regulated. Local conditions (low wages, willing workers, a climate of moral and legal indifference) were favorable to the industry's growth, but it was the product's peculiar flavor that made it a hit with consumers. Eschewing beefcake for the 'natural look,' Bel Ami's George Duroy offered consumers something totally new: fresh-faced ingenues who spoke English badly or not at all. The young men in these videos accomplished the startling illusion of making gay sex seem innocent and unaffected. U.S. gays, in particular, ate it up.