Ali Larter: Holding Out for Heroes


By Jeffrey Epstein

Do boys ever come up to you there?

I love that they all love Legally Blonde! [Laughs]. Everybody loves Brooke [her Blonde character]. Everybody loves Brooke.

Well, she was a very indelible character. What else do you have coming up?

I just finished shooting Resident Evil: Extinction with Milla Jovovich.


It was amazing. Paul [W.S] Anderson wrote a really cool script, a really interesting take on this genre. It's Mad Max meets The Birds. People that are fans of the video game or fans of that genre are just going to be obsessed with it.

As will all the readers of Maxim who fantasize about you and Milla together!

[Ali imitates a reporter] 'What made you decide to do Resident Evil?' 'Who doesn't want to run around and shoot people in the desert with Milla Jovovich?' You know?

You can't really beat that.

You can't beat that'she's as beautiful as they come!