The Seven Gayest Movies of Summer


By Editors

OK, so there are no Brokeback Mountain's opening at a theater near you. And, yes, there are some notable truly queer flicks hitting screens (Another Gay Movie, The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green). But we're looking a little deeper into big summer blockbusters to uncover their severely queer quotient.

7) Miami Vice
Is it us, or is it getting humid in here? With Colin Farrell filling Don Johnson's white blazer (just kidding, they have updated the fashion) we are looking forward to whatever vice he's into. And Jamie Foxx ain't no slouch either. (July 28)

6) Snakes on a Plane
Just because the title sounds like it could be a new Falcon release. (August 18)

5) Poseidon
Well, there's Richard Dreyfuss playing queer, for one. Since it's on a sinking ship, we expect lots of wet clothing adhering to skin. And then there are all the jokes about 'going down' we've been making. So it qualifies. (May 12)

4) The Devil Wears Prada
Any movie that uses 'Prada' in the title automatically deserves a place on this list. With Meryl Streep starring as a tyrannical magazine editrix (who, everyone says, is not based on Vogue's Anna Wintour) and gay fave Anne Hathaway as her hapless assistant'not to mention queer designer Patricia Field's costumes'we can't wait. (June 30)

3) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
A man's chest is always a good thing (although we're not sure about the dead part). Between Johnny Depp's Keith Richards impersonation (with a healthy dose of drag queen eyeliner to boot) and the ridiculously hot Orlando Bloom looking all swarthy, we can't wait. And Keira Knightley is cool too. (July 7)

2) X-Men: The Last Stand
We hear the premise of the flick'this time not helmed by Bryan Singer'is about turning mutants like Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman (yeah, we always think of them as mutants) into 'normal' people. Sounds a lot like the ex-gay movement to us. Throw in Ian McKellen and you have a big queer hit. (May 26)

1) Superman Returns
First off, the flick is being directed by Bryan Singer (who, we should note, has never said that he's gay'but we digress'). Second, between the rumors of the super-sized codpiece and the mouthwatering morsel that is Brandon Routh, we are so in. Oh, and then there's Kevin Spacey. And we're totally certain he's not gay. Right? (June 30)