Antony�s Influences


By Smith Galtney

You met Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) in the February issue of Out. In this Web-only extra from our interview, Antony discusses his influences, and a famous friend talks about Antony:

Antony on New York City:
'Every New Yorker gets that message from the sky telling us to come here. The documentary Mondo New York was mine. It made me want to join that family tree of artists such as John Sex, Ethyl Eichelberg, and Charles Ludlam.'

Antony on Hibiscus (leader of the experimental theater troupe the Cockettes):
'Not just what he did with the Cockettes, but [his group] Angels of Light is what I modeled the Johnsons after. They were these glittered, ecstatic, fucked-up camp spiritualists.'

Antony on Lou Reed:
'We met through Hal Wilner, who asked us to work on a project together. Then Lou asked me to tour with him, and we became friends. He's like my guardian angel.'

Antony on Nina Simone:
'Baltimore is so twisted and incredible. Everyone needs to own that album. Go buy it! Now!'


Rufus Wainwright on Antony:
'His album's amazing, and I'm flattered that he chose me to sing almost a whole song on it. I got him to sing 'Old Whore's Diet' on [my album] Want Two. Not only 'cause he's a great singer, but, you know, it's nice for the listener to have a break'from me.'