Kathy Griffin is Allegedly Hilarious


By Bob Merrick

With your love of reality TV shows, who is the all-time hottest guy from reality TV?
I am deeply in love with Richard Hatch [the gay winner from the first Survivor]. I think he is so smart, so sexy, and so great. I could talk to him all night long, and I just think he is a riot. I feel the great thing he did for the gay community was be a typical 'straight' guy. He was a shark, he was competitive and such a formidable opponent, that I think he surprised a lot of the straight guys on Survivor. They were like, 'Oh, I didn't think the gay guy would be such competition. I thought he was going to cry and talk about fashion the whole time.' And it's like, no, he talked about winning the whole time, and he did. To me, there is no gay character on TV that is as complex as Richard Hatch really is and that is what I like to see.

What's in the future for Kathy Griffin?
I am doing a reality TV series for Bravo called The D-List, based on my life as a D-list celebrity and all that it entails, and I am doing another live special on Bravo, which I am taping December 30th at the Variety Art Center here in Los Angeles. If I am wrong about that, just go to my Web site, www.kathygriffin.net, and it will tell you when it really is.

You also have a new show on Logo [the new gay network]. How did you get involved and what will you be doing for them?
I know [Logo president] Brian Graden from his MTV days and he is in the Gay Mafia. Not only do I think there is a Gay Mafia, I am counting on it, 'cause that's all I've got. It's called Fantastic Voyage, which is set on a gay cruise, which will be my fourth gay cruise. More importantly, it will be my husband's fourth gay cruise. I think it is going to be about couples working their stuff out. I can't wait; it is going to be so much fun.

Have you ever had a lesbian tryst?
I've never had a lesbian tryst.

If you were to have one, whom would it be with?
I think Patricia Arquette is really beautiful and sexy. I just think she is so talented and gorgeous and cool that I would probably go for her. Or, if I were to get into a marriage of convenience with a gay man, it would be Merv Griffin. I'm not saying he's gay, of course. He's got more money than God, we would own the world, and I wouldn't have to change my name. I could totally make a marriage with Merv Griffin work.