Desperate Housewife


By Jeffrey Epstein

When many gay people last saw Marcia Cross, she was blowing up apartment complexes and the like on Melrose Place. We are pleased to report that after finishing an arc on the family drama Everwood, Cross is returning to her crazy person roots, albeit with a new character and a new neighborhood. As Bree Van De Kamp on Desperate Housewives (ABC Sundays), Cross takes 'type A' to a whole new level as a mother whose pursuit of perfection (she reupholsters her own furniture and makes Osso Buco for your average family meal) has alienated her from her family'and reality. We gabbed with the fab actress recently and here's what she had to say.

I like Everwood, but I thought for an actress like you, who has played some really wild roles, it was a little boring.
I love Everwood. It was my favorite character I have ever played. It was the most like me that I have ever played. She's boring. I'm boring. It is what it is, but I was really proud of this work.

So what was it about Bree that made you want to do a complete 180?
I was really scared of this character. It's a really hard part to play. She's the most broad, and yet she has to be deeply rooted at the same time.

What's the atmosphere like working surrounded by gay men?
Mark [Cherry, creator] is a genius. And Michael [Edelstein, executive producer] is wonderful. I feel so lucky!

You worked with [out executive producer] Greg Berlanti on Everwood and now Mark and Michael. Is there a difference at all working with gay men than there is working with other producers?
Have I worked with a straight man? [Laughs] I don't know!

Once Kimberly went psycho on Melrose, it seemed every gay man in America fell in love with her. Did you get a lot of that?
Oh, yeah. I love it! Are you kidding? It's great. I think in my own head I'm a little on the fringe. So I'm sure unconsciously there's a connection, which is great.

Is doing a drama where you get to explore a character in-depth more fulfilling than doing a sitcom?
You know what? I don't have sitcom energy. I don't want to do a sitcom. My natural energy level is so dark. I think sitcom talent is really unique. I don't like that 'Yuk, yuk, yuk' thing. I hate it. But I like watching them! I'm too gray and weird and off.