Top 10 Drawbacks to Working in an Office with Many Gay Men


By Editors

10. No wire hangers! Ever!
9. Everything's always, 'Judy Garland this,' and 'Barbra Streisand that.'
8. You can't get halfway down the hall without being accosted for a mid-morning 'make-over.'
7. No carbohydrates! Ever!
6. Coffee machine in the breakroom only makes half-caf skinny latt's.
5. The steamroom is always crowded and really handsy.
4. The hair-pulling and eye-scratching over the last SnackWell's sugar-free cookie.
3. The excessively long mourning period after the Sex and the City series finale.
2. What if your name really is 'Mary'?
1. Casual drag Fridays