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Instaboy of the Week: Iggy Kolomiyets

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Our Instaboy of the Week is L.A.-based model Iggy (@igorkolomiyets), who sat down for a chat poolside with Out contributor T.J. Rudy. Read the interview below, and see their exclusive editorial, Palm Spring Pool Boy, here.

EXCLUSIVE: Palm Spring Pool Boy

T.J. RUDY: How did you begin modeling?
IGGY: I began modeling when I made the decision to drive down to L.A. from Sacramento and meet with multiple agencies, and thankfully I got signed! I was absolutely ecstatic at the thought, as I had been prepping myself for what felt like ages for this very moment, to be able to call myself a real "model." I expected it to be such a long and difficult process, but it all happened in a flash.

What are your proudest achievements so far?
I'm very thankful to have made it on my first magazine cover, Risbel magazine shot by my talented friend Bell Soto. It was in Venice Beach, and the whole day we just had this special chemistry where we both knew when he snapped a photo it was going to be perfect. I also really enjoyed working with Bruce Weber on this past fall's Barney's campaign. Seeing myself on their window display in New York was just surreal, and of course Bruce Weber is an absolute legend in every sense of the word.

What inspires you most about being in front of the camera?
What inspires me most is the simple thought that I have an opportunity to create something, and it's completely open and free, and I can do absolutely anything I want and in this very instance I can create an image that can inspire thousands, which to me is probably my biggest drive. One of the worst aspects of my career is standing in long lines at cattle-called auditions. Some shoots go really quickly, and some you spend the whole day shooting. People also don't realize how big of a deal personality is in modeling, a lot of the times personality is more important than your looks, and you can't airbrush a bad personality. So just being very genuine and real and humble can go a long way.

Who are your male model icons?
One person I really look up to was David Gandy. His presence, and every picture he takes is just so captivating, I was definitely inspired by his success and the impressive level of work that he does.

Your family's background is Ukrainian. Do you ever get to travel there to visit relatives or friends?
I'm actually half Ukrainian and half Russian, but I was born in Ukraine and I speak Russian. I grew up always being shy, quiet, and inexpressive, and I found most Americans to be very expressive and open which was interesting. Growing up in Ukraine was quite tough because Ukraine's economy was not doing so well and my father often got paid in potatoes, literally! When I was 6 years old my brother was born and he has cerebral palsy, so my parents decided to move to America so they could give their children a better life! I'm forever grateful to them for making that decision.

What's on your bucket list for 2016?
First, I want to rearrange my sock and underwear drawers so they can be neat and organized -- I just haven't gotten to it yet. Second, I want to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll. Finally, I want to reach 200k followers on Instagram!

Tell our readers something fun about Iggy.
read every single comment on my Instagram and I'm actually very shy unless I am in front of the camera. I love playing strategy games on my laptop. I'm a huge junk food junkie, I love cupcakes, apple pies, chips, cookies, ice cream, I can eat all the junk food I want and not gain weight! #IWasBornThisWay.

If you could walk the runway for any fashion designer whom would it be and why?
Definitely Tom Ford. His designs and the quality of his clothing are unequaled.

Follow Iggy on Instagram at @iggykolomiyets

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