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OUT of London

Out of London

Heading to the UK?  Be sure to experience all the LGBTQ+ attractions beyond the country’s capital city.

While London is the bustling capital city known for its diverse people and culture, the best part of Britain is that this diversity continues from city to city as no two destinations are the same and each offers unique adventures for all travelers to experience.

Fortunately train travel across Britain makes it easier than ever to experience the different scenes, attractions and landscapes beyond the bright lights of London. Out's editors share British events and attractions including Brighton, Manchester and Bath which all have thriving LGBTQ scenes just a 2-hour train ride from London. Don't forget you can also experience nearby Scotland and Wales where many LGBTQ+ attractions and events are also accessible by train from London.


"The Gay Village" located near Canal Street in Manchester offers a flourishing gay scene with a village-like ambiance set alongside the canal. After official recognition of the LGBTQ+ community was granted from the council in the 1990's, Manchester quickly became a gay mecca in the UK with more and more gay bars and attractions popping up through the decades.

In May, Manchester's Gay Village is home to the Great British Bear Bash. The weekend is filled with fancy dress events, club nights, cabaret, "superbeareoke," and a pool party that attracts more than a hundred hairy, beary men.

For one weekend in July, the National Transgender Charity hosts 'Sparkle.' This three-day event welcomes Great Britain's transgender community, as well as families and allies to unite in Manchester. The celebration offers 18,000 guests of the trans and non-binary community a safe environment to express themselves, experience established and up-and-coming trans and non-binary musical talent and support trans and trans-friendly businesses.


Don't miss out on Brighton Beach! With the world-renowned Brighton Palace Pier in the background, visitors can enjoy the sun, sand and sea breeze during the day and experience the many gay bars that the Brighton Beach nightlife scene has to offer. While in Brighton, make sure you sign up for the 'Piers & Queers' walking tour. This 90-minute tour will take you through the LGBTQ+ history of the city through a tongue-and-cheek queer perspective. If you prefer to take in the scenes on your own, make sure to check out the famous 'Kissing Policemen' mural by Banksy in Trafalgar Square and the AIDS Memorial Sculpture in New Steine Gardens which is the UK's only permanent AIDS memorial.

While you've surely attended at least one of the many Pride festivals around the world, there is nothing quite like Brighton Pride which is the UK's largest LGBTQ+ celebration and arguably one of the world's most fabulous Pride festivals. From August 2-4, a diverse, international crowd gathers to experience the glitter of Brighton and Hove's Pride events which all promote inclusivity, diversity and education to better the community while supporting local charities under the ethos, "Pride with Purpose." Pride in the Park (August 3) is the main event that you won't you want to miss since LGBTQ legend, Miss Kylie Minogue will be headlining the 2019 event. Get. Your. Tickets. Now.


Though Bath doesn't have as many LGBTQ+ attractions and establishments as Manchester and Brighton, Bath is still a welcoming haven for LGBTQ+ travelers looking to unwind. For a soothing and serene experience, head to the Ancient Roman Baths in Bath, the wellness destination of Great Britain. The historic Roman Baths were a religious spa complex built in 75AD by the Romans after their invasion. Well preserved, the Roman Baths now welcome visitors to the original Roman shrine with natural hot water from the city's unique thermal springs. If you prefer a modern look, Thermae Bath Spa is the place to be. In addition to these fabulous bath experiences, the city is also planning to expand areas of the Roman Baths, including a laconicum sauna and an old Roman exercise courtyard.

If you're looking to pick up the pace and head out for the evening after a day of relaxation, head to Mandalyn's - Bath's only gay bar which hosts cabaret shows and karaoke nights.


Thriving following a post-industrial revolution, Glasgow (better known as Glasgay!) has more LGBTQ+ offerings than we can count. With no shortage of progressive nightlife options, you will want to start your night at Underground before heading to some of the other popular gay watering holes like Delmonica's (or Del's, if you're speaking to a local) or the ever-popular, three-story Polo Lounge. Looking to experience the "L" in LGBTQ? Then head to FHQ, a ladies hot-spot (though all are welcome) with affordable cocktails.

Don't worry if you're not into the party scene as there are plenty of other attractions in Glasgay to check out. Aye-Aye Books, located in the Centre for Contemporary Arts has a wide selection of LGBTQ literature to peruse. Outspoken Arts is a non-profit organization that hosts arts events throughout the year at multiple venues.


With 5 historic castles located in the Wales' capital city, any queen will feel at home in Cardiff. If you're looking to do some serious shopping on your trip to the UK, Cardiff is the place to be. With High Street being home to major global retailers like Apple and Jo Malone, you might want to save those for your local mall back at home. For a more picturesque and unique shopping experience, you will want to visit one of the six Victorian arcades (fancy word for "indoor shopping center") which feature quirky vintage shops, artisanal coffee joints and handmade jewelry.

If you haven't spent all your money on vintage threads, head out for the night to experience Cardiff's gay scene or just have one of the hunky Rugby boys buy your drinks at Pulse, the city's premiere LGBTQ+ nightclub. Just across Churchill Way is Pulse's sister club, The Kings which hosts theme nights and Karaoke on Sundays and Thursdays.

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