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‘OUT TO EAT’ In Great Britain

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Join Out Editors on a journey to explore some well-known classic eateries that bring the history of Britain to life and some newer options that you can brag about to your friends back home. 

London is a culture capital of the world, known for its inclusiveness of different races, genders and sexual orientations. Such diversity is the heart of London's thrilling culinary scene, ranging from casual eateries known for traditional British grub to phenomenal high-end powerhouses bursting with glitz and glam to buzzing urban street markets featuring unique global fare. From Soho to Shoreditch, each of London's many neighborhoods offer a diverse variety of cuisines sure to satisfy and expand any visitor's palate.

Join Out Editors on a journey to explore some well-known classic eateries that bring the history of Britain to life and some newer options that you can brag about to your friends back home.

Randall & Aubin, Soho, London

Seafood lovers need to make Randall & Aubin in Soho the first stop on their culinary journey in London. With another location in Manchester, Randall & Aubin serves to feed its customers with the freshest seafood. Regulars rave about its juicy lobsters and oysters -- a must try. The restaurant is also dedicated to running a sustainable and environment-friendly business by solely buying traceable produce.

Dishoom, Covent Garden, London

Paying homage to old Indian cafes that welcome all customers, Dishoom has opened seven locations around Great Britain. Dishoom in Covent Garden was the first to bring authentic flavorful Indian cuisine to London in 2010. Dishoom takes its customers back in time to the 1960s in Bombay, India: bustling, and elegant while serving dishes that feature exotic Indian spices. Out's tip: go for one of the Biryani dishes.

Busaba, Soho, London

Flee the busy London streets and discover unique Asian flavors in this traditional Thai restaurant. Sweet and sour chicken satay, stir-fried Pad Thai noodles, creamy coconut-milk-based curry, tropical-inspired rice bowls. All these are just some examples of what Busaba's menu has to offer. Out's tip: Busaba is also a great option for theater lovers arriving early in Soho, as the restaurant prides itself in offering fast and high-quality services.

Som Saa, Shoreditch, London

If you want to continue the Thai journey, head to Shoreditch to check out Som Saa - a sexy establishment built in a former garment factory. This isn't your typical Thai restaurant so you won't find traditional Pad Thai on the menu but you won't be disappointed by these north-eastern Thai dishes like aep pbet hua khiao, a curry of mallard grilled in a banana leaf.

Bistrotheque, East End, London

Looking for a fab brunch spot after a late night out? Well, take a cab to Bistrotheque where it's pop piano brunch is sure to soothe and the comforting French dishes will satisfy all your cravings. Out's tip: order their punchy Bloody Mary. Afterall, 'hair of the dog' was coined by our Brit friends.

Chotto Matte, Soho, London

A marriage of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine is Nikkei. Chotto Matte in Soho has a refined take on the fusion genre -- with novelty dishes like sea bass ceviche and futuristic sushi rolls, the chefs utilize shiny natural colors to grab the attention of food experimenters and develop sensational new tastes to conquer their customers.

Hide, Mayfair, London

Feeling Fancy? Pay a visit to Hide in Mayfair. Chef Ollie Dabbous' long-awaited new restaurant finally opened in Mayfair and was instantly starred by Michelin. The massive luxurious restaurant is split into three floors, with each floor featuring distinct options: Below is a spacious wine bar; Ground is an all-day restaurant; Above is an eclectic tasting-menu-only lunch and dinner extravaganza. The restaurant garners generous sunlight through its ceiling-to-floor window and offers lush views of Green Park.

VIVI, West End, London

One of the latest British Brasserie's to grace the streets of London is VIVI which will leave you feeling as if you've been transported to 1960's London. This all-day restaurant is broken out into four different zones to enjoy retro dishes with a modern spin. From breakfast, afternoon tea or evening cocktails and quick bites before a night out, there is no excuse not to stop by at some point along your journey.

Bob Bob Ricard, Soho, London

Don't you wish you could just push a button and have a glass of champagne delivered to your table? Well, you can at Bob Bob Ricard. Aside from non-stop bubbles at your fingertips, this iconic Soho staple boasts a menu of daring British dishes with an interesting Russian flair (yes, that also means they have a variety of Russian vodka shots served at a perfectly chilled temperature of -18degC). Out's tip: If you go during lunch hours, you can enjoy an off-peak discount of 20%.

Roast, Southwark, London

Speaking of Champagne, the British wine industry is booming and 'British Fizz' and still wines are gaining international attention. Continue your drink - I mean food tour and head to Roast which is located just above the iconic Borough Market. Roast is a modern British restaurant boasting a thoughtful selection of British sparkling wines. Using the finest seasonal and quintessentially British ingredients, the restaurant proudly serves local residents and international travelers truly traditional British dishes, like Scotch eggs and fish & chips. While tasting the yummy dishes and sipping on the domestic wines, food lovers can also people watch those buzzing down below at Borough Market.

Leake Street Arches, Waterloo, London

Quite frankly, there is no reason to ever leave this market which is the perfect blend of food, music, art and culture. What used to be former railway arches have now been turned into a truly curated cultural destination. In addition to live music events with state-of-the-art sound systems, you will want to check out the Vietnamese street food at Banh Bao Brothers and sip on some craft beers while playing board games at Draughts. Out's Tip: Don't leave without taking a photo in front of the original Banksy 'Giant Rat' at Rat Bar.

Maltby Street Market, Southwark, London

If you are just taking a quick trip but still want to experience all the culinary wonders of London, Maltby Street Market is your one-stop-shop. From fresh-out-of-the-oven French pastries, rich British cheeses, hearty German sausages, and surprise-filled Japanese gyoza, this one-of-a-kind food market has over 30 traders for foodies to pick from, including five rotating ones that feature new guest stalls every now and then. To round out your food market tour, check out the ever-popular Borough Market to pick up some local British produce.

Consider yourself a more adventurous foodie? Then we recommend heading to Yorkshire. This quaint county in Northern England is located about 200 miles outside London proper and offers soaring scenes of natural beauty, sandy rugged beaches and cobble stone streets featuring and home to five Michelin restaurants.

The Man Behind the Curtain, Yorkshire

Great British Menu's star chef Michael O'Hare's The Man Behind the Curtain is one of our favorites. O'Hare blends his aesthetics in the flavors of his cooking, offering two tasting menus for lunch and dinner with 14 different dishes that compensate and complete one another. If you're lucky, you might get the celebrity chef himself to tell you about the dishes along with a chance to visit his fabulous kitchen.

The Star Inn, Yorkshire

This 14th century thatched cottage is now home to culinary mastermind, Andrew Pern. The Star is no doubt one of Britain's best restaurants which has consistently held on to its Michelin star from 2002 to 2011 and regained their status again in 2015. Using only locally sourced ingredients and herbs grown right in the kitchen, The Star has everything you would look for in a high-end establishment without giving up on friendly, approachable service.

While in Yorkshire, be sure to check out the other three Michelin rated restaurants: The Yorke Arms, The Black Swan and The Pipe and Glass Inn.

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